Evansville, IN Mold

Evansville, IN Mold Problems?

Take a look at the do’s, don’ts and more from Hasgoe!

What to Do:
● Immediately call Hasgoe Cleaning Systems, a certified professional
mold removal and mold clean up restoration company

● Remove all soft materials such as towels,
clothing, rugs to wash immediately and store
some place dry

● Wear rubber gloves, protective clothing and a
mask if you must handle materials or contents
within areas where mold is present

What Not to Do:

● Do not touch and do not handle mold affected

● Do not enter any area that has standing water,
if at all possible

● Do not turn on air-conditioning or heating units
to avoid spread of mold contamination

● Do not sleep in any room that has mold
close by

● Do not vacuum anything to avoid spreading
mold spores

How does Hasgoe clean up mold?
● Inspect all mold damage

● Set up containments (to secure affected areas)

● Dispose of affected components and materials

● Utilize air scrubbers, negative air equipment,
and proper PPE

● Heating, ventilation and air condition system

● Mold damage repair and restoration
(ie. drywall, paint, sub floors, etc.)

● Clearance testing by a third party
Industrial Hygienest