Health Care Facility / Hospital Cleaning

Health Care Facility / Hospital Cleaning
Hasgoe Cleaning Systems has worked with many hospitals, long term care facilities and other medical centers. Our highly trained technicians are also very conscious of each environment they work in. Hasgoe customizes our schedule to specifically to what works best for your facility and only use the latest and safest chemicals that are always environmentally safe.. We understand patient care and safety is a constant priority. Hasgoe Cleaning Systems employees will always adhere to ethical standards, show compassion and respect privacy.



Health Care Facility Air Duct Cleaning

Hasgoe Cleaning Systems understands the importance of clean indoor air quality. We have the knowledge, training and tools needed to successfully rid your HVAC system of dust, debris and allergens. When your air duct system is thoroughly cleaned, it cycles clean air producing a safe and healthy environment for your patients and staff.

• Emergency and maintenance programs
• Documentation of daily work available
• Experience in handling high risk areas
• Knowledge of Joint Commission standards
• Work with contractors during construction projects
• Flexible scheduling: Evenings, Weekends and Holidays
• Minimal disruption of work space environment
• Healthcare Plans
• AdvancedTech



Health Care Facility Water Restoration

Water damage can range from an overflowing sink to a pipe break or sprinkler system malfunction. No matter how it happens, immediate response is necessary to prevent mold growth and further damage. It is imperative to begin water restoration/structural drying as soon as the damage is discovered to reduce possible reconstruction costs.The professionals at Hasgoe are always working hard to prevent obstacles for patient care.

• 24/7 Emergency Services with immediate response
• Plenty of equipment for any situation
• Daily monitoring of equipment and environment



Health Care Facility Mold Remediaton

Health Care Facility / Hospital Cleaning
Controlling moisture is key to keeping an environment free of mold. Common sources and causes of moisture issues include roof leaks, deferred maintenance, condensation associated with high humidity, flooding due to plumbing failures or heavy rains and slow leaks in plumbing fixtures. Repairing problems and properly drying affected areas immediately is imperative to prevent mold growth.

A variety of health problems are associated with mold. Headaches, difficulty breathing, skin irritation, allergic reactions and aggravation of asthma are just a few. All molds have the potential to cause adverse health effects. Molds produce allergens, irritants and sometimes toxins.

• Contain affected area until work is complete
• Negative pressure used to prevent spreading
• Verification testing with 3rd party company
• Use of environmentally safe chemicals

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